Best DJ Backpacks

Being a DJ requires skill, an ear for music, charisma, and a whole lot of equipment. Trying to juggle laptops, wires, DMX mixer, turntables, and more without the right bag can put your DJ equipment in jeopardy. By figuring out exactly the types of storage you need, you can find the best DJ backpack for you. This list of DJ backpacks can help you get started in your search.

MAGMA Magma Riot DJ Backpack XL

This Magma DJ backpack is one of the most versatile DJ backpacks on the market when it comes to packing space. The design of this bag includes multiple ways to organize and expand your space. The “zip-around-expansion-system” uses zippers and extra fabric to allow you to double the space in the main compartment, meaning more room for turntables, mixers, laptops, and more. The backpack also includes removable dividers which allow you to organize your cords and smaller equipment exactly to your taste.

The outside of the bag itself is made with a hardwearing PVC tarpaulin, making the bag both durable and waterproof. If you travel a lot or live in an area where rain is an issue, this might be a good choice of bag. The inside of the bag is bright red. Bright colors in DJ bags allow you to easily find your needed items in a dark building or with whatever fun party lighting may be displayed. The design of the backpack allows you to pack or unpack the bag by either standing it upright or laying it flat on a table or ground. It also contains padded pockets for laptops and other equipment, two front zipper pockets, and several mesh pockets. 


  • Versatile storage space
  • Padded interior pockets
  • Brightly colored interior
  • Comfortable, adjustable straps
  • Waterproof and durable


  • Expensive
  • May get heavy with so much equipment

MONO EFX Flyby Backpack

The Mono EFX Flyby Backpack offers several useful features that may suit your DJ needs. The Mono backpack is designed as a two-in-one pack where you can separate the laptop holding bag from all your other accessories. This feature is great for traveling DJs who may need easy access to their laptop without lugging all of their equipment around. The bag also features a messenger strap for times when you don’t want a backpack.

This DJ backpack uses a stand-up design for easy access to your stuff while protecting it with a waterproof shell and a rubber sole. The bottom includes double padding to eliminate damage and the removable laptop bag features special padding of its own. The Mono DJ backpack also includes straps specially designed for cords, deep space for digital controllers or hard drives, and front pockets for smaller items such as headphones.

The inside of this bag is a darker grey with orange fabric between the zippers. The bag may also be too small for some of the larger DJ mixers and digital controllers. However, the 2-in-1 feature with the removable laptop bag might be a good choice for a DJ who travels or fly often.


  • Waterproof shell
  • 2-in-1 capability with a removable laptop backpack
  • Straps for cables
  • Double thick bottom padding
  • 100% animal free


  • No brightly colored inside
  • May be too small for some larger equipment
  • Expensive

Gator Cases Club Series Backpack for DJ Equipment with Laptop Section and Bright Orange Interior

This Gator Cases Club Series Backpack has more external pockets than most of its competitors. All of the pockets are padded for protection and some are large enough to fit external hard drives. The inside area is also quite spacious. It can hold plenty of records, a laptop, audio mixers, DJ mixers, or even some projectors. If you use more bulky items or bring many records with you, this might be a good backpack for you.

The design of this backpack allows easy access to all your equipment. The outside pockets keep small equipment separate and safe while the inside keeps your large equipment padded and easy to access. The bag is made from a sturdy nylon and comes with a special pocket that includes a custom-fitted raincoat to keep your backpack dry. Its bright orange interior also makes accessing your equipment easy, no matter the lighting of the venue.

The Gator DJ backpack also uses comfortable and adjustable straps. The straps are all nicely padded with a mesh padded back. The pads also use some breathing channels to allow air to keep you cool while wearing the backpack. 


  • Brightly colored inside
  • Lots of storage space inside and in outer pockets
  • Comes with a custom raincoat to keep the bag dry
  • Padded interior


  • Expensive
  • All small pockets are external

Odyssey BRLBACKSPIN2 Redline Series"Backspin 2" Digital Gear Backpack

If you need to store or haul lots of equipment for your DJ gigs, then you might consider the Odyssey Redline Series Digital Gear backpack. With extensive space and plenty of convenient features, it works well for DJs with lots of equipment. This DJ backpack gives you three large interior pockets to use to store laptops, mixers, records, stands, and more. It has a few side pockets and convenient elastic bands for storing cables all in one place where it won’t scratch your equipment.

The inside of this bag is a bright orange, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need when you need, despite the lighting. Each pocket, interior and exterior both, is well-padded to protect your electronics. The design of the bag also includes a large headphone pocket which will fit a full pair of over the ear headphones without the need to fold it down. The backpack is also designed to stay upright when you set it on a flat surface. While this bag isn’t waterproof, it is designed to be sturdy and durable. It has comfortable padded straps which can be adjusted with a mesh padded back. 


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Brightly colored interior
  • Elastic cable straps
  • Padded pockets


  • Not waterproof
  • Slightly expensive

Orbit Concepts JETPACK-CUT-BLK DJ Backpack for Portable Turntables, 7" Records and Accessories

The Orbit Concepts Jetpack DJ Backpack works especially well for portable turntables. While some DJ backpacks may feature more pockets, this DJ backpack has plenty of interior space for portable turntables and 7” records. The built-in record sleeve keeps your records separated and safe though it only fits the 7” records and not the individual record sleeves. There are a couple pockets that can hold assorted items like speakers, mobile phones, scratch records, faders, and batteries.

The record slots are a quite interesting feature of this turntable backpack. The bag has 10 individual slots along the padded front for 7” records. Extra padding also velcros into place around the records to protect them and protect the portable turntable.

This DJ backpack is made from a waterproof nylon. The inside and pockets give your equipment padded protection. The pockets are also customizable to your taste. Between the nylon outside and the bright orange inside is a ripstop lining to make the bag quite durable. The zippers are also of a high quality. Like most of the DJ backpacks, the straps are comfortable and adjustable with a mesh padded back. The sides of the bag also include mesh pockets.


  • Fits a portable turntable and 7” records
  • Waterproof
  • Brightly colored inside
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps
  • Can add a custom logo


  • Few pockets for smaller items
  • Made for a portable turntable so may not give as much protection to laptops or controllers stored in the same section

KOPACK Business Backpack Scan Smart/Anti Theft/TSA Friendly Laptop Bag Black 17 Inch Men

If you travel a lot or are looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive DJ bags, the Kopack business backpack might work well for you. While it isn’t specifically made for DJs, it does have several features that may interest you. The Kopack backpack is designed with travelers in mind with three features that let you attach it to a suitcase handle, lay it flat or at 90 degrees, and keep your items safe with a double layer Anti-theft zipper. The backpack’s ability to open freely works well for DJs so you have easy access to your most needed items.

The material of the backpack is water repellent and scratch resistant. With several pockets, including a padded and shock absorbing laptop area, you will find space for all of your equipment. However, because this isn’t specifically for DJs, the padding in the other compartments isn’t as good. The space in this bag is quite roomy and allows you to fit plenty of electronics for your DJ needs.


  • Can lay 90-180 degrees
  • Great air travel bag
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Water repellent


  • Lacking extra padding
  • Darkly colored inside

BRINCH Anti-tear Water-resistant Luggage Travel Knapsack Rucksack Backpack Hiking Bag Student College Shoulder Backpack for 17-17.3 Inch Laptop Notebook Macbook Computer

This Brinch laptop backpack isn’t made specifically for DJs, but it still works well as a DJ bag, especially if you are looking for a more economical price. The laptop backpack has a slightly different design than most backpacks with a zippered lid top instead of zipping down the sides. The bag also fits up to a 17.3” laptop in a padded pocket. The rest of the main compartment is spacious except for a small mesh pocket perfect for a tablet. The backpack has several smaller external pockets for more storage.

The laptop backpack uses a material with strong stitching to create a water-resistant, anti-tear bag. This bag may be a great first DJ bag for those without lots of equipment such as a laptop and a few smaller accessories. However, you may want to examine the measurements of your mixers or controllers and compare it to the interior dimensions before you purchase this bag. As stated before, it isn’t made specifically for DJs, but might work better for those with less equipment or ones wanting a more economical price. 


  • Padded laptop area
  • Economical Price
  • Lightweight bag
  • Large main storage space
  • Multiple color options


  • Less padding than other bags
  • Not waterproof
  • Not brightly colored inside

Why buy a DJ backpack?

Being a DJ can come with a lot of different equipment. With other DJ bags, they may fit only one or two items like a controller or turntable. When you start gathering too many bags, it can make transporting items more difficult. The goal of the right DJ backpack is to gather all your DJ necessities into one easy to carry bag. A DJ backpack also makes you look professional.


A DJ backpack also allows you easier and comfort in carrying. Most DJ backpacks include adjustable straps and ergonomic padding for a comfortable carry. DJ backpacks help you keep your hands free while spreading out the weight of your equipment on your back. While each backpack has its special features, most of the backpacks are designed for easy access to your electronics.

How to decide on the right DJ backpack?

Deciding on the right DJ backpack begins by examining your needs as a DJ. If you have a lot of bigger equipment, you may need a bag with more interior storage space. However, smaller equipment requires more pockets or sectioned storage. You may want to check on the size of the bag as well. Some bags may not be able to fit the size of controller or mixer you use.

It also helps to consider the following: how much equipment you will need to transport, how often you will use the bag, what types of weather you will use the bag in, how much traveling in airplanes or cars the bag may do, if you want a brightly colored inside, and what design style of bag you want. These are all important factors when deciding on the right DJ backpack for you. Each DJ has specific needs which can be filled by different features on different bags.

What differences should you be aware of?


There are a few important differences to look out for when purchasing a DJ backpack. One of the biggest differences is size. If you can’t fit your equipment, the backpack isn’t worth very much to you. Check the interior dimensions on the backpack as well as questions and reviews on the product. These usually contain answers to size or what equipment won’t fit inside it.

Another important difference is material and material color. Some higher-grade materials are more durable while some fall apart at the seams. Reading product reviews can give you good insight to find out if the product will last a long time. You may also want a brightly colored interior as well as a well-padded one. The bright color gives you a better time at finding your electronics in the dark and the padding protects your equipment.

Good ways to Customize Your DJ Backpack

When you DJ, you are creating your own signature music for others to enjoy. You may also expand your creativity into your dress as well, giving your music style a fashion signature too. Many of the DJ backpacks are a plain, dark color which may not fit your style. However, there are plenty of ways to customize your backpack to make sure people don’t forget you, your music, or your name.

Metal pins are a great way to personalize your bag. You can create your own or order custom ones online. Fabric stickers can also create your own personal style. If you are feeling especially creative, you can dive into fabric paints or embroidery. Better yet, avoid all the hassle and order a custom embroidered logo. You can also keep your backpack dry while showing off your DJ style with a custom rain cover for your DJ backpack.


In all of these products, each has some really great features and missing some great features. However, my editor’s choice has to be the Magma Riot DJ Backpack. Its versatility in organization and the amount of space is incredible. Not to mention the quality with which it was made and its waterproof material. However, it is fairly expensive. For best value, Orbit Concepts DJ Backpack takes the cake. While it is specifically made for portable turntables, its design, space, and padding are perfect for any DJ. Whether these two bags work for you, you will look professional and feel professional once you find the best DJ backpack for you.